LED Light Therapy

LED Light technology is phenomenal and looks so simple it is hard to believe it works. But work it does. 

It was originally used and developed by NASA to aid wound healing in space and assist with fatigued astronauts upon their return from space by activating and promoting collagen production and increases the rate of skin cell renewal.

LED skin therapy is a safe and relaxing treatment that is a game changer in so many skin conditions and the results speak for themselves, but up to now LED machines are bulky and have to be positioned at a precise distance from the skin to allow correct like penetration.

Our brand new LED masks are a game changer. They have been developed to use in clinic or even at home. The 2 proven wavelengths of light used activate the biochemical reactions needed in the cells to give you ALL the below benefits 

Benefits of LED Light Therapy:

-Stimulates collagen and elastin production 

-Mends sun damage/age spots

-Kills acne bacteria (used with specific skin products)

-Helps to prevent recurring cold sores

-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Firms and contours the skin, improves colour and texture

-Helps treat rosacea and calms redness

-Post inflammatory scarring

-Aids wound healing, injury and pain by increasing blood flow by up to 40%

-Hydrates and revitalises



The number of treatments needed varies with different skin conditions. We recommend a course of 9 treatments. 3 x a week for 3 weeks to get the best results.

Each treatment is only 10minutes long and can be had whilst in for almost any other appointment.

Once the initial course is finished we advise to have maintenance LED therapy every 4-6 weeks.


Cost and types of LED appointments:

  • Self Service Treatment 15mins (come in with cleansed skin, we apply mask and offer hydrator for end of treatment)   $35                                                                            Pre pay for your course of 8 and get your 9th free. We recommend 3 treatments a week over 3 weeks
  • Express Facial with LED 30mins (cleanse, exfoliate, LED, hydrator)      $55


  • If you are already coming into see us for a non facial appointment (ie waxing or pedicure) why not come in with your skin cleansed and we can pop the LED mask on. Because we can do this without having to book extra time out, we can offer you this awesome skin boosting treatment for just $20 



Below are our own photo's of a chemical burn to a foot. 20 mins LED light therapy treatments were performed every second day and nothing else was used on the skin and wound during 20 days of treatment.

The results speak for themselves.