LED Light Therapy

LED Light technology activates and promotes collagen production and increases the rate of skin cell renewal.

It was originally used and developed by NASA to aid wound healing in space and assist with fatigued astronauts upon their return from space.

LED skin therapy is a safe and relaxing treatment that is a game changer in so many skin conditions and the results speak for themselves

Benefits of LED Light Therapy:

-Kills acne bacteria

-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Firms and contours the skin, improves colour and texture

-Improves sun damaged skin

-Helps treat rosacea and calms redness

-Post inflammatory scarring

-Aids wound healing, injury and pain by increaing blood flow by up to 40%

-Hydrates and revitalises

-Induces Relaxation (Use 20-30mins before massage)


Below are our own photo's of a chemical burn to a foot. 2o mins LED light therapy treatments were performed every second day and nothing else was used on the skin and wound during 20 days of treatment.

The results speak for themselves.

LED Light therapy

30 mins

Come prepped and ready to go and save!

Each treatment will take 20 mins and you just need to come into silk with freshly cleansed skin and we will do the rest for you

1 treatment $50

Pre pay for your course of 8 and get your 9th free. We recommend 3 treatments a week over 3 weeks


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