Classic Facial Range & Mindfulness Meditation Facial

These are our de-stress "me time" treats. Great for anyone wanting to unwind for an hour or so, and perfect as a gift.

Our Relaxation Facial Range is indicated for all skin types and you can even choose the length of your facial. Starting with a basic 45min treat right through to 75mins of total bliss.

Just because our main focus is total indulgence, this doesn't mean your skin misses out. A relaxation facial will provide you with an in depth consultation and can include any of the following: cleanse, exfoliation, steam, massage, up to two different mask applications, specialty serums, boosters, moisturiser and SPF. Your skin will see increased hydration and these facials will rejuvenate devitalized skin while leaving you totally indulged, relaxed and utterly pampered.


Mindfulness Meditation Ritual Facial



 In a world first, our newest facial treatment is the perfect fusion of beautiful, results driven skin products with the most amazing treatment journey you will ever experience.

A modern day relaxing spa treatment that nurtures the skin and the mind in equal parts using a mindfulness meditation session to support mental health and youthful skin.

Life is busy. We are all time poor and have so many things to think about that often there is little time left for self-care. This often ends in the feeling that you are not coping, that you’re ‘not enough’, not worthy, anxiety and depression, negative thoughts and attitude. And, your skin knows. Inflammation, breakouts, deep lines and wrinkles and dull, lifeless skin can result.

Your journey will begin with a welcoming ritual where you will take some deep breaths and start to relax as we apply a very light pressure point massage to balance the body.  Then your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated to leave it fresh and glowing. Following this you will be treated to a facial and decollatage massage with your choice of perfectly blended essential oils. Then comes the mask, the mask are like no other and when applied, the headphones go on and you will enter a relaxed state during an empowering Mindfulness session to stimulate positive feelings and emotions.

Our Mindfulness Facial is the perfect blend of skin care and mental health, a truly unforgettable experience!

with Specialized Sheet Mask 60mins $147 

Our ginger&me sheet masks are selected for your exact skin type and needs. These masks bring this delicious facial to the next level

with Cream Mask 60mins $142

Relaxing Classic Facial - 60mins $138

Exactly as it is name, this is your classic facial. You will be pampered and your skin treated to some of the most advanced skincare products around. After you skin consult your Silk Dermal Therapist will take you on a journey of total relaxation and bliss. Your skin will be treated to a cleanse exfoliation, massage and masks. Then specific serums, boosters and hydrators will be applied and finally SPF.


Relaxing Signature Facial - 75mins $170

Our signature facial is the ultimate in skin and soul indulgence. This treatment includes all the benefits of our classic facial but also includes a scalp massage and an indulging back massage. If you are looking for a facial that will tap into all your senses and have you walking out on clouds, then you have found it.


The Basics Facial - 50mins $99

If you are in a hurry then this treatment provides you with instant results including a power cleanse, exfoliation, mask and is a great introduction to facial treatments indicated for all skin types.


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