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what we are doing to keep you safe during our covid-19 crisis

Mar 22, 2020

please find below a list some of our changes at

Silk Skin Spa 134 Carrington Street New Plymouth

List of hygiene, disinfecting and sanitizing measures as of 22nd March 2020, some implemented on 16th March at 9am and many already standard at Silk Skin Spa


  • All metal implements sterilized in the glass bead sterilizer in-between each use.
  • Other implements that are unable to be put into glass bead are sanitized, disinfected and stored in UV cabinet
  • Disposable nail and foot files used and gifted to client
  • Disposable facial sponges used and gifted to client
  • Clean laundered (now 60 degrees wash) linen
  • No re-dipped ever of disposable wooden spatulas into wax
  • No roller warm wax units, Silk uses the PhD waxing system that ensures no backflow of wax removing the chance for cross-contamination
  • All persons required to spray hands with our hand sanitizer before they enter the hallway down into treatment rooms
  • Therapists to wash hands regularly throughout day and always before each client even though they are wearing gloves in your treatment.
  • Therapist will wear disposable gloves for every client
  • Therapist will wear masks during treatment
  • Clients offered a mask if they would like one at a cost of $3
  • Extra time booked out in-between every client to wipe down treatment rooms and surfaces
  • Wipeable covers have been placed on all treatment beds and will be thoroughly sanitized in between each client.
  • Cushions removed from treatment rooms and chair cushions covered with disposable couch-roll. We do ask to try not to sit on these though where possible and just make your way to the bed.
  • No hot drinks are being offered at the moment, but you can purchase a delicious coffee from down the road at Baked!
  • Water supplied in disposable cups
  • No hand-made with love bliss balls :O(
  • Reception desk and eftpos machine are wiped down before client needs to touch anything
  • Rearranging of reception resting areas to maximise the 2-meter recommendation.
  • Removal of pretty comfy reception chairs to wipeable ugly ones
  • Requesting clients who are early to wait until a few minutes before their appointment time before coming in, and if you can see reception is busy, please just wave at us so we know you are there and have a wander, take a seat outside and we will come collect you.